HGTV Hometown Makeover

HGTV is accepting applications for communities with less than 40,000 people to be awarded a Hometown Makeover which includes homes and downtowns with Historic Charm. I believe Piqua is a major contender and could use some community TLC along with bringing our citizens and local government together. I have contacted From Above Aerial LLC to document our community (projects, architecture, parks, etc) who is very excited about the prospect. A professional video will enable us to paint a beautiful picture of the great places our community has supported and is in the midst of renovating along with showcasing some areas/projects that would be great candidates for some rehab and TLC that would fit with the theme of the HGTV show. I think utilizing the aerial videography can help set our submission apart from the other contenders. I have contacted Chris Schmiesing to get his valuable input on what locations would be best suited for this project. He is being extremely supportive and is currently planning to meet with others in the government complex to review the list of sites that could be featured for both the Highlights reel and the Rehab Potential Reel. I am envisioning this video showcasing the sites, along with interviews and voice overs from community members; but more importantly, showcasing the uniqueness of our project in regards to our community rallying together between it's citizens, local government and various agencies/community groups. If successful, this would benefit Piqua tremendously as some eye-sores could receive some TLC which would enhance our community and support the efforts of Lock 9 and other developments currently under way. Even if our video and our town is not selected, I think this will serve as a monumental showing of our community coming together. Time is of the essence as the submission is due Feb 7, 2020 and the videographer would need to get started next week to have time to compile and produce the video for timely submission.

Ֆինանսավորված Piqua, OH կողմից (January 2020)