End horror for animals

Africa has an obsession with meat but the world’s poorest animal welfare standards, the combination of which constitutes one of the biggest animal cruelty issues on earth.
Every year animals are in horrific conditions to watch their fellows suffer unimaginable slaughter while they await their agonising turn. Death comes slowly, typically with blunt knives and axes. Stunning is a rarity and many are dismembered while they’re still conscious.
. We’re a group of Africans passionate about making change for animals. We're ready, willing and well positioned to take on the grizzly challenge. We ashamed of the suffering our fellow Africans inflict on animals. It’s a problem which foreigners are unlikely to stomach, our group has the sympathetic ear of everyone key to making real change.
What Will We Do?
.Education on plant diet at both community and school level will be our major function so that people stop the love of meat.
We will persue the green garden with a variety of plants so that people can turn to Vegetable diets with ease and affordable rates. The garden will be for local women with a variety of vegetables including carrots, spinach, lettuce and many more Herbs that can be used as spices to add aroma and flavor. In groups of 10s the women will have gardens in their locality.
We will have a day to teach on vegan menus in the community so that they enjoy the meals. We will use solar cooks so that we save on environment as we end animal suffering. This will be taken to schools to encourage them to have gardens.
We will use some of our money to fundraise so that we might get boreholes drilled as this is the challenge they will face with the gardens,
Plant education will be our chorus.
Thanks to Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust (SAWC) loud screams of billions of animals may finally be heard.
Videos and pictures will be shot for this proje so that it's used to further our objectives and fund raise for more projects of similar nature.

Ֆինանսավորված Vegan կողմից (November 2019)