Butterfly Effect Girls Club of Mercer County

I created this club in our local community approximately 5 mths ago, because I saw a real need for our young girls to have a space where they could gather. Many of the teens in our community feel invisble. I want our young girls to experience what many of us didn't have growing up. When I asked many of them what vision they hold for their future, most of them sadly admit that they are not very optimistic, as no one in the community - up until now - has been invested in their wellbeing. It is no secret that when our youth lack healthy outlets and guidance, they often resort to destructive behaviors. The Butterfly Effect Girls Club of Mercer County is seeking to change that. In addition to meeting with our young girls twice a month, I am also organizing a 3-day Rite of Passage Retreat for the 11 to 17 year old girls of our new club. During this Retreat, our Butterfly Effect girls are going to be challenged in many ways. For example, they will learn to:

(1) build a shelter from raw materials… (2) learn how to build a fire… (3) learn how to find their way using coordinates, a map and a compass… (4) learn basic auto maintenance... (5) learn how to cook healthy basic meals… (6) learn feminine self-care... (7) learn basic soap making skills … (8) domestic skills, and so many other important life skills that are often missing in our young girls as they enter the real world.

Through these tasks and challenges, they will also learn how to collaborate with each other, they will discover their inner strength and form important connections with other young women.

I want this experience to be totally FREE and am asking for YOUR support to make this possible. Your generosity will make it possible for them to experience an empowering and life changing event.

Ֆինանսավորված Louisville, KY կողմից (October 2019)