Community T-shirt printing

I have been traveling around Maine with my Bicycle Screen Printing Shop to conduct live on-site t-shirt printing. This is a mobile unit that I designed myself, which I can ride or drive to any community protest, rally, or other events inside or outside. In light of our political climate, the upcoming 2020 election make 2019 a very important year to motivate people to think about the issues that affect them. I will teach people how to print right then and there, and I will have my heating unit to dry the shirts so once they have printed, people can wear their shirts right away. When I am printing outdoors I have to rely on plugging in my Flash dryer. This makes me not as spontaneous as I want to be, which is why I’m applying to purchase an awesome solar-powered portable generator!

T-shirts are a universal and economical way to visually share personal opinions and ideas with an immediate audience. Wearing a t-shirt can be a an act of resistance, and even more so when you create the message yourself. I believe in the power of art to give voice to people, whether they consider themselves artists or not. Everyone understands a simple message on a t-shirt, from a favorite sports team or band to a more potent political message or call to action. Expressing yourself on a T-shirt is a positive way to strike up a conversation and relate to another person, stranger or otherwise, giving people the power to spread their message.
I hope to educate all who participate in the power of art and screen printing, but especially the power of their voice to affect political change. They will gain new skills and knowledge, and the resulting projects will elevate each of their voices within our communities, during the event, and in the future. I will also spotlight each design and event on my website and on social media to share the project with a wider audience and hopefully motivate even more people to use their voices.

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (May 2019)