of relation

of relation is a three part, progressively building, performance series addressing the concept of relationship. First presenting the relationship to the self, second, familial (specifically father daughter, brother sister), and third, romantic. Through the use of performance art, wearable art, sculptural installation, and sound, viewers are taken through an emotional and physical narrative. told in three progressively building vignettes. The viewers are woven through each piece beginning with the relationship to the self where two woman sit back to back 10-15 feet apart. They are wearing a dress covered by a knit sweater; they are versions of the same self. As they sit back to back, they are individually knitting their sweater to complete it. Each sweater is connected to the other by a thread of yarn, as one woman attempts to knit her sweater it unravels the other woman's sweater, as the other self knits her sweater, she is taking yarn from her other self. This action is never ending and creates a futile repetitive act. The viewers then move to the second piece where three performers stand. They begin a dance set to sound which reveals a tumultuous father-daughter, and brother-sister relationship. As they dance, more of the female character's sweater is unraveled creating this sense of loss and detachment. The viewers then move to the third piece where a full size woven house stands. Inside are performers, attached back to back, creating a push-pull action. They are silent and are moving to an audio that tells the relationship stories of communities members. Viewers can only see whats going on "behind closed doors" by peering in through windows or door ways, further examining what we share and what we don't and challenging vulnerabilities.
There is a social practice aspect to this piece. I will interview 35-50 community members on their experiences with love, pain, and relationships. I will then edit those interviews into the audio for the third piece

Ֆինանսավորված Alaska կողմից (July 2018)