Luminosities: A Nighttime, Outdoor Art Experience

I have created an awesome outdoor nighttime art experience to exhibit my newest art series: Luminosities. Upon arrival, each attendee will walk along a winding boardwalk trail through Mead Botanical Garden's wetlands. This calming, dimly lit walk will culminate in the butterfly garden where patrons will discover a grouping of illuminated paintings. After experiencing Luminosities, patrons are invited to add words about their experience in the reflection book.

This series celebrates the truly awesome and transformative moments that awaken our connections to the natural world and allow us to find light within the darkness. Those unexpected, magical instances that deepen the understanding of ourselves and the peaceful feeling of being connected to something larger than any one individual. My own experiences of connection to nature came unexpectedly while on a solo night walk, which I have attempted to capture in this series. I have translated these feelings into fourteen new paintings which showcase wild, luminous, supernatural night skies set against the grounded and ghostly silhouettes of trees. The event coincides with the end of Earth Week and will be both a celebration of Art and Nature, Art in Nature. In total contrast with plein air artwork which are typically executed during the daytime, Luminosities will present artworks in the dark of the woods. Stunning, unusual and unexpected, we have a great vision for the event.

The purpose of this experience is to convey the sense of communion with nature and art, which both leave you with a sense of awe. We are hoping that both the concept and the execution of the event will make people remember it forever and that they'll literally go: "Wow! that's awesome!"

We need your help to make this happen. As an emerging artist I have little funds to turn this concept into a memorable experience, which brings art out of the gallery walls and into the world.

Financé par Orlando, FL (April 2018)