Weird Side Projects - Street Art

I’ve been installing anonymous public street art in Seattle over the past two years, from official-looking street signs with captions like “ATTENTION: You are wonderful and deserve every happiness.” and “NOTICE: I never stopped loving you. I hope you’re well.” to back-to-back crosswalk buttons that say “Push to Remember” and “Push to Forget”.

These art pieces designed to blend in the background, and only discovered by those who are paying attention to the city. I’m careful about the tone of the public pieces - sometimes hopeful or bittersweet, but never bitter or angry. I define delight as that intersection of positive and unexpected, and these are something delightful I would want people to stumble across.

Since 2016, I've installed over dozens of works all over Seattle (Gas Works Park, Capitol Hill, Volunteer Park, Fremont, Ballard, etc) and a few other places across the US. They’ve slowly been gaining traction in person and online, though I still keep the pieces semi-anonymous.

Local press links:
My 5-minute Ignite Seattle Talk about the projects:

Financé par Seattle, WA (May 2018)