Tactile Exhibit for DESCENT

Performed on a custom-designed architectural ramp installation with hills, curves, and peaks, DESCENT explores the pleasures of wheeled movement and reckless abandon.

This new evening-length duet takes audiences on a transformative ride and obliterates cultural assumptions of what disability, dance, and beauty can be.

Because we believe art should be accessible to everyone, Kinetic Light is creating innovative accessibility elements in conjunction with our new work, DESCENT​.​

We want all of our audience members to have a multifaceted aesthetic, artistic experience of the show. The tactile exhibit will include 3D printed versions of our ramped stage, samples of costuming, and other elements that can be explored visually and tactically, enabling an equitable immersive experiences for all audiences. While verbal description for visual art, film, and theatre is gaining popularity, dance continues to be behind the curve. With our work for DESCENT, we will be utilizing this exhibit, the dance on stage, and a specially designed app with multiple sound tracks to expand access.

We will be developing the app, tactile exhibit, and other elements in conjunction with the New York premiere in March 2018. We'd love you to come and experience the show!

What our grantee is saying: "Getting this grant is fantastic news for us. We are thrilled to be connected to New York Disability community. Thank you."

Photo credit: Chris Cameron of MANCC
Description: Set against the backdrop of a starry night and the curvaceous ramp, Laurel Lawson balances in her wheelchair on Alice Sheppard's wheelchair footplate. This image is from DESCENT.

Financé par Disability (February 2018)