Invisible (Glasgow)

Invisible Cities trains people who have been affected by homelessmess to become walking tour guides of their own city, We believe that everyone has a story to tell and great skills that they can showcase. We focus on story telling, self confidence, public speaking, first aid and customer service.
Each guide builds a tour that is focused on a story he/she wants to tell. They often include personal stories though we do not make it a mandatory point.
We offer alternative tours of the city, with each of our guides taking you along the streets of THEIR city.

So far, we operate in Edinburgh (where we started the project in 2016) and are exploring Manchester as a future city but we would like to start recruiting and training in Glasgow too.
Homelessness is a global issue and unfortunately that exists in Glasgow too.
As a result, we believe there would be many people interested in training and becoming guides. This experience provides a first step into employment and customer service, an opportunity to meet various people and be given a voice.
If we get selected we would use the grant to start Invisible (Glasgow)!

Financé par Glasgow (February 2018)