Human Library Singapore

In our busy society we often lack the opportunity and realisation of other communities around us, instead being trapped in our own social circles. Due to this lack of communication, we often form stereotypes about other communities and a general lack of understanding among Singaporeans and foreigners alike in Singapore. Through Human Library, we hope to bring about opportunities for open and honest conversations between the public and individuals whom they may not have the chance to talk to, ultimately cultivating a society respectful of one another.

Since we started Human Library Singapore, we have observed that many different individuals and groups in our community share the same purpose. Over the past 1.5 years, we have received numerous requests to organise Human Library events in schools, non-profit organisations, as well as international organisations. Evidently, Human Library is part of the solution to the collective needs of different groups in Singapore. Because we are a 100% volunteer-run project, we lack the bandwidth to meet all these demands. Our goal for Human Library Singapore #4 is to provide the opportunity to train and empower leaders in the community to organise Human Library events in their respective communities.

This March 2018, we hope to bring together yet again passionate leaders in the community, Human Books open and vulnerable to share their stories, and keen-eared and curious Readers who want to genuinely get to know others beyond their labels.

Financé par Singapore (February 2018)