Never Fear Being Different

NFBD is a nonprofit media company based out of Pittsburgh (Ascender Incubator). I started off as a school speaker but shifted into a video creator with Facebook being our main platform. NFBD has 140k followers and over the last 3 months have 16 million video videos with 260k shares for 10 videos.

Our content is centered around solution-based messaging while focusing on socially-relevant topics. The goal is to curate content that provides positive messaging, but is also entertaining so that it doesn't alienate anyone. The issue with the shift in modern media is media companies searching for clicks by selling controversy and misinformation.

NFBD has been able to engage an audience while empowering millions of people. As of now, we are not funded. Videographers are expensive but I have found one who will do 2 videos for $1,000.

Financé par Pittsburgh, PA (December 2017)