Titwrench Stockholm

Titwrench operates as a collective of artists, musicians, and filmmakers who showcase female-identified, trans, and non-binary artists. Titwrench exists to celebrate and empower artists and musicians who are pushing the boundaries of genre and form. We seek to cultivate community and collaboration among women and genderqueer artists, unconventional music, feminist thought and inspire collaborative works with educational workshops, panels and discussions, community events, music showcases, dance, and cinema. Titwrench creates an inclusive, fun space for all participants of our events and provides educational opportunities and workshops for our community to grow and learn.

Our aim is to create a 3-day multi-media event (TITWRENCH STOCKHOLM) centered around female-identified, trans and non-binary musicians, filmmakers, dancers, and performance artists. The featured artists are both domestic and international and diverge in age, artistic medium, and style. Titwrench is a place for emerging and established artists to collaborate and learn from each other. Events shall be mixed in medium to provide the opportunity for artistic collaboration between collected artists. The purpose of showcasing inspiring female-identified artists who boldly push boundaries of genre and form in their artistic practice is to create a network of support between different artistic mediums, countries, and peoples. The goal of Titwrench Festival is to encourage a gender-aware audience deriving from different communities to open a dialogue about social privileges and art. Another goal is to offer a performance space for emerging artists as well as established artists who have historically inspired and encouraged young women to pursue unconventional artistic practices. Titwrench also wishes to fulfill a cultural exchange with the Titwrench Stockholm organization and the founding Titwrench U.S. organization.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (December 2017)