Nathans Nuisance Nature Wildlife Management

Hi my name is Nathan Lavigne and my awesome idea is a wildlife management company called Nathans Nuisance Nature.

As time goes on and land is developed, people come into contact with wild animals more frequently. When this happens, people can be exposed to a wide array of diseases such as dysentery and botulism. Wild animals may also loose their natural fear of people making them dangerous and unpredictable.

Nathans Nuisance Nature favours relocation over termination. When an animal is causing a problem it can usually be live trapped and relocated if it is healthy and shows no signs of disease. When an animal is diseased or acting aggressively and cannot be relocated it must be terminated.

What makes Nathans Nuisance Nature different from other wildlife management company's, is the fact that all humanely terminated animals are skinned and processed into pelts. Pelts can be made into goods such as hats and mittens. Animals are then re-purposed into the fur trade. The fur trade generates over 300 million dollars of revenue for the Canadian economy every year.

Financé par South Shore (June 2018)