Bearfoot Theatre

Bearfoot Theatre is a local youth managed theatre company.

Bearfoot has a focus on producing predominately original works of theatre, which convey relevant social messages and give a voice to young artists. They aim to assist the development of local writers by providing opportunities to workshop their scripts and to bring together a diverse and inclusive community of creatives from all facets of the industry, fostering opportunities for these people to apply their skills in a professional setting.

In 2017 they produced "Do Your Parents Know You're Straight?" which is an original full-length play. The show was incredibly well received, with many members of the audience suggesting that a touring production is in order.

"In an alternate reality where heterosexuals are the minority and homosexuality is the norm, a straight teenage boy, Casey Miller, struggles to find himself. Feeling isolated, the aspiring author creates an imaginary friend in his stories– an awkward lesbian in a heterosexual society. She acts as a reflection of Casey as he documents twisted versions of his reality through her eyes."

DYPKYS was written in support of the LGBTQ+ community to offer hope (especially to youth) in our society- and to hopefully change some minds.

"One of the most moving pieces of theatre I have seen created in my life."

"I for one am still emotionally drained because this show is indescribable"
"An excellent portrayal, mind-opening for a lot of straight people. Very healing and also excruciatingly revealing."
"Last night was the first time I've ever given a standing ovation to a Newcastle production- It is everything theatre should be."

Financé par Newcastle (November 2018)