I am a performance artist living and working in Oakland, CA. I use performance to test the limits of my body in relationship to Mexicanidad, Whiteness, and coloniality. I am lucky to be able to perform in small local community settings and museums such as the Broad Museum among others. In an attempt to communicate the weight and e/affects of contemporary American racial violence, I will push a car (in neutral) shrouded in a gold fabric to metaphorically perform what it feels like to walk around the world as a racialized subject. The title "gilded" alludes to the deceptive coating or surface; the inability for racialized subjects to perform proper affect. For the next installment of this performance, I will invite other women to push cars with me and create a procession of gold shrouded cars during a low rider exhibition in San Francisco and/or Los Angeles. Featured Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Financé par San Francisco, CA (September 2017)