We the Ppl: Politics for Those Who Can't Vote

Whenever youth become more engaged in politics and government, positive change occurs. Whether in the sit-ins and rallies of the Civil Rights Movement or the modern day Women's March, whenever youth are given the opportunity to increase their civic engagement, progress is on the horizon.

Created in 2016 by a high school student in New York City, We the Ppl is a political podcast and blog that provides people who can't vote (whether due to citizenship, criminality, age, or anything else) a platform to discuss their thoughts on politics, government, and civic engagement. From complex immigration policies to the Black Lives Matter Movement, WTP provides factual, well-researched political news and commentary from an underrepresented viewpoint. They've interviewed teens, tweens, experienced political journalists, and even a politician. Listen to bi-weekly episodes on iTunes and SoundCloud and explore blog posts at wethepplpodcast.com.

This Awesome Foundation will help increase We the Ppl's number of global correspondents and ambassadors and provide even more people with an opportunity to change the world. We can't wait to see what the future holds.

Financé par New York City, NY (August 2017)

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