The Artship at Playland at 43rd Avenue

The ArtShip is a shipping container at Playland at 43rd Avenue that we are retrofitting into a multiuse space facilitating both artists’ studios and a Creativity Corner focused on kids and art workshops. The ArtShip seeks to support Bay Area artists by providing a space to develop and create their work and a platform to show it. The ArtShip will celebrate and add to the Outer Sunset community through public art.

Artists will have access to the container for a six-week residency, transforming it into a gallery and studio for the creation of work that fosters community engagement and speaks to the Outer Sunset vibe. During that time, artists will offer at least one workshop connecting and sharing what they do with people visiting Playland. We eventually hope to bridge what happens in the ArtShip with vendors in the community, allowing work to be shown both in the container and locations around the neighborhood.

The Creativity Corner will feature workshops sponsored by anyone with an interest. Sponsors of workshops will open the doors at one end of the ArtShip and assist kids and families who may be in the park and want to draw, color or make something.

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Financé par San Francisco, CA (July 2017)