Disability Arts Project Uganda

Disability Art Project Uganda, (DAPU), is a community of people with disabilities who come together with the aim of empowering others with disabilities to develop practical skills, confidence and fulfill their creative potential. We offer art and design skills to such individuals who reside on the streets, villages and in the slums to create unique products with the goal of providing economic stability.

We conduct our mobile workshops in different places which include Kansanga Kampala, and Mayuge district where we are afforded with free space to implement our vision.

In Uganda it is estimated that 80%of people with disabilities are unemployed. This is attributed to the fact that most of them attain little to no education because of family denial and poor school grounds that lack accommodation to those with disabilities. This has led for such individuals to run to the streets, begging for survival and living in poor situations. DAPU believes that the arts and design are social tools that can solve these challenges given the fact that Uganda has a large arts community and a growing market.

What our trustees are saying:
"I like it because it's a great project by a person with a disability that addresses a real need and their goals are realistic. I especially liked that they created a detailed and accurate budget for what they plan to do with the money."

Financé par Disability (April 2017)