SCHS Lorton Library Tutoring Program

The South County High School Lorton Library Program is reaching out to you, to help improve our local community and change the lives of high school students for the better. If you are not familiar with it, our after-school tutoring program was established to improve the grades and opportunities of students from low income neighborhoods within our local community, and it stems from the belief that every student matters. We work to promote student success and to provide accessible educational support. Through the program students receive tutoring in all of the core subjects but also we provide free food by both Panera Donations as well as food prepared by our high school Gourmet Foods Class. For some students this is some of the only warm food they will receive after coming home from school. It is our belief that education takes place both inside and outside the classroom, and our hope is that the connections we form with students outside of school will be as important is their in-school experiences. Lorton Library Tutoring provides opportunity for this kind of education; our tutors become mentors to struggling students and leave lasting impressions on the lives that they reach within our community.

Unfortunately, we currently have insufficient funds to continue the program for the duration of this school year. Without your financial support, we will be forced to shut our doors before standardized testing begins in May, truly putting in jeopardy some of our most struggling students. However, your participation would allow us to continue impacting the lives of these students through academic help and mentorship. Please help us inspire, engage, and empower students to work towards their dreams. Please help them discover the power and opportunity education holds and ultimately change the world.

Financé par Northern Virginia (NOVA) (April 2017)