Co-Grow: Let's GROW together

Ever longed for a garden? Or ever had a garden but then no time to take care of it? The winner of our February grant found a missed opportunity somewhere inbetween those two questions and so co-grown was born. Simply awesome. This is how the winners themselves describe their idea:

Co-Grow is a match-making service connecting people who want to grow food with people who has land of any kind.

By connecting resources – gardens with growers – Co-Grow is offering a smart solution within the realm of the sharing economy and an answer to one of the most pressing issues of our time: how to feed a growing population without further pushing the planetary boundaries. Garden-sharing is not only a smart solution for making use of unused land in urban areas, it is also a way of creating new opportunities for people and neighbours to meet.

Financé par Stockholm (March 2017)

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