Deeper Voice of Textiles project

DVOT is a unique project. 20 iconic Newcastle businesses, that primarily employ men will create work that celebrates the skills of their trade. Skills that have, traditionally, been passed on from one generation of men to another. Men would be working with UK based International artist Tim Johnson, with the support of Graham Wilson, a well-known local artist. There will be a series of hands on workshops where participants will create sculptural artworks using the tools and skills associated with their specific trades. 

The resulting artwork will be installed at a three-day exhibition event in a Wheeler Place (adjacent to the Civic Theatre) on Friday 28th April 2017. The exhibition is like a smaller scale version of Sculpture by the Sea. 

Following this exhibition, the individual sculptures will be displayed in the participating local business that created them. This will result in an engaging artist trail of ‘DVOT’ works hopefully in May 2017. 

Financé par Newcastle (February 2017)