Bottle Cap Art

The creation of my BOTTLE CAP ART came about as a result of my interest in collecting bottle caps during my holidays and my interest in working with resin. By combining the hollow of a bottle cap, the use of recycled paper as the background, a charm and resin, I was able to create a beautiful piece of miniature art.

These ubiquitous beer and soda bottle caps destined for the bins are given a new life through these Bottle Cap Art creations. With a good eye for composing a picture-story, old magazines, flyers, cards or hong baos packets from my children are used to form the background of the artwork.

These bottle caps have been turned into Bottle Cap Magnets and the responses and feedback I get from visitors have been truly encouraging. From elicited smiles and head turning re-look at what they just saw, to comments like "What a clever idea!", "How did you get the idea to make these?" and "Do you conduct workshops?", these responses have validated the many hours I have put in to this project. It served to reinforce how an overlooked object like a discarded bottle cap can be recycled, reused and re-purposed with a little imagination and creativity!

Financé par Singapore (February 2017)