Art Heals

My gallery will be used as a platform to introduce the creative, art-as-therapy process and bring together our community and specifically our youth to participate in exhibits, art related workshops and talks for the month of May as Mental Health Awareness week is May 2-8.

There will be 3 different, complimentary elements in this month-long event:
1-Exhibit: Clients of art therapy from our area are welcome to display their art, incorporating the theme: “Reflected Self” - a self-portrait technique that is practiced in Art Therapy where the individual has to use various media meant to facilitate healing by reflecting and processing emotions through art making. The exhibitors will be featured in a program which will highlight the artist’s story and their journey.
2-Talks: The “Reflected Self” exhibitors are invited to share their stories. These talks will be scheduled during the day/evenings for community members to attend (free).
3-Mask Making workshop: My husband, James Lightle is a patient of art therapy and trained sculptor. He will facilitate a mask making workshop with Students (at the local school) and introduce the history and significance of mask making in art therapy. “Making a mask invites the creator to explore various aspects of his or her own persona. The activity can be revealing because it takes the mask maker out of the realm of words and employs imagination and nonverbal action. Besides being a therapeutic tool, mask making can be a simple pleasure on its own” (

The expected outcome for this month-long exhibit and education event is to not only increase awareness of the impact of Mental Illness and the recognition of Healing through Art, but to also raise funds for a worthy Mental Health organization and to increase the exposure of our gallery and the Annapolis area.

Financé par Annapolis, NS (December 2016)