10th Annual KreweDCM Halloween Parade

KreweDCM's Halloween parades are an opportunity for Austinites of all ages to build costumes, revel, and march with Austin's own Dead Music Capital Band and others in a free parade through East Austin. Thanks to funding from the Austin Awesome Foundation, the 10th annual Halloween Parade will pass not only through Austin's largest low-income development, Chalmers Court, but through the Santa Rita Courts as well, spreading free music, candy, and delight to more low-income families than ever before

(2 - long-term) Maintenance for the three float chassis built using the 2014 Awesome Foundation grant. These chassis are available free-of-charge to other organizations in Austin's burgeoning homegrown parade culture, which includes HONK!TX, 12th Night Austin, Queerbomb, and events put on by other local brass bands. This "foundation support" of other homegrown parades is inspired by Seattle's annual Solstice Parade.

(3 - short- and long-term) The development and production of "Sound and Vision", an original float design and build for 2016. Inspired by the nonmotorized puppets of New Orleans' Krewe du Viuex, the 'Sound" float will be a mobile, interactive instrument where children and adults can experiment with playing monstrous stringed instruments, horns, and provide their own percussive drum beats. The "Vision" float will be a mobile, giant teleidoscope (open ended kaleidoscope) where children and adults can delight in an altered view of the world around them via optical illusion. Once funded, both "Sound" and "Vision" will be made available to local arts events like the HONK!TX Festival of Community Street Bands at no charge.

Financé par Austin, TX (September 2016)