Selah's Apothecary

Selah's Apothecary is a muti-modal consulting and freelance practice for health and wellness initiatives . I developed this as an independent practice 8 months ago, though I have been doing consulting and freelance work in different capacities for several years.

Selah's Apothecary provides freelance facilitation, organizational development, health & wellness and healing justice workshops with a holistic approach & practice.

Most people understand 'apothecary' to be an archaic term for a pharmacy or a pharmacist. An apothecary is a place where individuals seek services and/or products for health and wellness. Modern day apothecaries are often dispensaries for natural medicines like herbs, plants, and or body care items composed of natural elements. What

My practice works similarly to this idea but is multi-modal. It includes a practice around food, natural health and wellness but expands to include work and practice that addresses wellness in the other areas that impact our lives including, work spaces and systems, recreational practices, & spiritual practices,

My practice is seated in the belief that healing, health, and wellness are not static one dimensional experiences in our lives, but that our health and wellness is a way of being that permeates all of our relationships and experiences. My approach is holistic taking into account the whole person, or whole systems experience.

I work with people, groups, and organizations in different capacities but with ultimately the same goal and approach: awareness and alignment with their health and wellness through a holistic framework, approach, and practice.

Financé par North Minneapolis, MN (October 2016)

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