Drop in theater's summer meals program

Hi. Each week we put on a sort of soup kitchen dinner theater at the next church. 89 Colborne street at the back door.

I approached next church about using their space for a drop in theater group about 4 months ago. My goal was to bring theater to those who might not have the opportunity to experience it due to social constraints. The church agreed to let me use their space free of charge as I am not charging a fee.

I advertised at places like the mess at st Andrews and Marthas Table. Our group grew to about 12 or 14 people over two months and one of our actors reminded me that st Andrews church goes on vacation every July august and the first week in September. I asked next church if they would like to take up the slack and they said that they were not able to get a team together at the time but they were willing to put up the use of their venue if I could get st Andrews on board. St Andrews declined so I decided to fund it.

We have just finished our seventh week. Each week we make around 80 meals and put on a short dinner show that we rehearse for Wednesdays Saturdays and a full dress on Sunday before the meal. After the dinner show we take a short break and then we open drop in theater which is open to the audience. We start with some charades and then skit kits etc...

The whole idea is to get people participating and laughing. It's been incredible to watch people you might not expect to see up on stage growing into the experience. Poetry music comedy and skits were part of last week's show. Also last week three turkeys were donated by three different patrons as well as potatoes lightening the monetary load conciderably.

Financé par Kingston (September 2016)