Winds of Change Pin Wheel Project

The Winds of Change Pinwheels were inspired by observing nature.

I noticed a gentle wind move leaves gently on an old big tree in my neighbor's backyard. Later the wind would become a storm that made large branches wave and leaves fall. Later these winds shifted into a storm strong enough to damage houses and uproot trees.

I thought about North Minneapolis. Residents are scared and traumatized from so much violence, killings and all other disparities. I wanted to show I am angry and concerned too. I wanted to show solidarity and share the burden. I wanted a way for those who are silent, don't know what to do but who wanted to DO some act, express themselves, and have a space to share feelings, ideas, pain.

I thought of the power of spoken words/prayers. I thought what if prayers/affirmations blew through the Northside. A wind that could move what's not life affirming. A wind that circulated what was needed, love, peace, social justice.

I got 20 pinwheels, went to the Mississippi River and prayed over them. I placed them in northside residents' yards and gave them to people in the streets, Jamar Clark and put it on Plymouth Ave where he died.
Responses were: "Thank you. Can I have one more for my neighbor? I'm taking mine to church. Here's a dollar so you can make one more."

I invited 7 mothers, a teen and a 9 year old to come discuss their feelings and do art/words on Pinwheels to put on their blocks.

50 Pinwheels will be given away at Flow (July 30, 11-5 at the Capri) to get people talking to each other, to have a symbol that keeps fallen loved ones alive in our hearts. (YO MAMA event)

I have been asked to do this with Nuns and youth, at the United Theological Seminary, and .GAIA School. I was gifted with 50 Pinwheels. One silver Pinwheel for Philando Castile is at the Governor's Mansion. I create Pinwheels for Terrell Mayes and Birdie Beeks. Sadly, I can't customize anymore. Too many people are dying.

Financé par North Minneapolis, MN (August 2016)