Special Shades of Color

Special Shades of Color is an online wellness resource for special needs parents. Through a focus on self-care, mental health, and wellness -- we empower, equip, and improve emotional and mental wellness so that special needs parents can better love, care for, and manage the day-to-day challenges of raising a child with special needs. Integrating media, technology, and social media we transform the traditional support group model by busting the door wide open to an easily accessible way of connecting.

The Facts

  • Over 50% of special needs parents report clinical depression.
  • 14% of family caregivers care for a special needs child.
  • An estimated 16.8 million family caregivers care for children under 18 years old; 55% of these caregivers are caring for their own children.
  • Many parents are unable to leave the home to attend support groups because they are primary caregivers and solely responsible to provide care within the home.

Our Key Initiatives
Mental Health, Wellness and Self-care, Parent Development, and Support

Our mission is to provide an online space for parents of special needs children to share, support, and encourage one another in order to build emotionally and mentally healthy and whole parents.

Here are a few links to our initial parent contributor videos. We would now like to transition into producing professional-grade videos with the assistance of a filmmaker/documentarian.


Helpful Honda Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwvpwJ3eASw

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