Weekly Friday Lunch for Marginalised (at risk) You

Phoenix House understands the personal barriers for many young people due to disadvantage and family breakdown and the impact this can have on adolescent development and subsequent decline in feelings of hope for the future. Our aim is to transform those to be that they feel confident, purposeful in participating in our communities and that they belong.

The Program emphasis is primarily engaging with these young people to attend and through activities that are challenging and fun build their feelings of hope, engagement and well-being.

Friday Lunches have become a vital program at Phoenix House that are a ‘must not miss’ event on many young peoples’ calendars. The main aim of this program is to promote healthy eating and cooking skills to young people, promote nutrition and to promote connectedness and belonging. Up to 20 young people meet each week to sit at the table with youth workers and share a meal.

The benefits of this program include:
• reducing experiences of isolation and marginalisation for disadvantaged young people
• providing a safe, drug free social options for recreation and relaxation
• promoting positive and effective was to cope with stress
• create positive peer relationships and relationships with the community youth development workers for wrap around support

The program is designed to work with 20 young people in total within the age groups of 15 -24 (including alumni).
The key measurement criteria include:
• the number and percentage of the young people showing interest in continuing engagement with Phoenix House and the youth workers
• the number young people seeking to and participating in in other programs run by Phoenix House – Transit program, Independent Living Skills Program, Feel Good Night, counseling services etc.
• the number and proportion of young people showing interest in engaging with their youth worker to “develop a life plan”

Financé par Sydney (March 2016)