Unity Totem Pole

Our Chamber of Commerce is the first and only Chamber that is combined with a Sovereign nation. And we take that seriously. Since the high school shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High school, October 24, 2014, we have continued to work to unite the two communities of the City of Marysville and the Tulalip tribes. One way we would like to do this is with a Unity Totem Pole.

A totem pole is symbolic of a story to its people. We would like to have the native totem carver create a story with a totem pole about the courage, strength and unity of our community through a very tough time.
It will include an Elephant (strength, affection, loyalty and wisdom), a Falcon (new beginnings, adventure, passionate and leadership) and Giraffe (Communication, intuition, attaining the unreachable and seeing the future), a Wolf (loyalty, perseverance, success and intuition) and a Frog (New life, Communicator, connection to the water element). And we will be inviting the carvers to do their meticulous art work in front of the community at our July Festival so people can watch, learn, ask questions and feel a part of this historic piece unfolding in front of them over a 4 day period.

We will proudly display this finished totem in our Visitor Information Center for all to see. Our VIC gets approximately 400 visitors each month. And we will hold an open house to tell the story of how we came together in the past and how we plan to pursue new ways to unite in the future.

Financé par Seattle, WA (April 2016)