For the One Who FInds Me

For the One Who Finds Me seeks to create more magic and more kindness in the world--one tiny hashtagged bouquet at a time.

I founded this project in June 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin. I purchase the flowers myself and buy the vases at thrift stores. I tag each one with the social media accounts and hide them in public places such as: the cereal aisle, the public library, art museums, coffee shops, etc. People find them and sometimes tag me back! It's a really exciting random act of kindness that strangers in other states have taken on (leaving their own bouquets and using the hashtags).

This is a community-building project that promotes kindness, connection and collaboration between strangers. I hope to build it into a larger and larger movement that has a ripple effect of reminding us all we can commit a random act of kindness at ANY time.

Financé par Madison, WI (July 2016)