Stories of Seattle

To be brief, I want to revive the oral story tradition and at the same time feed the homeless and hungry in Seattle.

Interested? Okay. Basically, I want to get a sandwich board that says 'TELL ME A STORY AND I'LL GIVE YOU A SANDWICH' and sit out with a cooler full of BLTs and PB&Js and collect stories from the hungry, the homeless, and the needy. It is my personal belief that everyone has a story that should be shared and preserved for, if nothing else, posterity's sake. Then, I'd upload them to the site and to a podcast; and then, when I get enough stories, it is my intention to self-bind them and make a book to sell, all proceeds going directly to the making of sandwiches and homeless programs in Seattle.

It is not my intention nor goal to profit off of this. I would not be making any money that I would be spending on me; it would all be going right back to the community. After all, they're not my stories. They're everyone's.

I've been trying to drum up interest at the school I attend (Cornish College of the Arts), and lots of people would love to jump on into the movement by helping me collect the stories and make sandwiches. And, if it inspired others around the country to do the same, what harm could come of that?

A bit about me: I'm a novice author/playwright and partially professional theatre designer, with a background in charity and helping others. Also, I love stories, all kinds of stories.

Financé par Seattle, WA (October 2011)