Dogfight: The musical

Pete Duchan’s Dogfight was first performed in front of an audience on July 16, 2012. This romantic comedy-drama takes place in San Francisco during the years 1963 and 1967. The Musical follows young marine Eddie Birdlace throughout his last night in the United States before being shipped off to Vietnam. During their last night in town, the marines have the annual “Dog Fight”, which is a party where each guy brings the ugliest woman they can find. The winner of the Dogfight gets a large amount of cash. Eddie invites Rose to the party, which she does not react kindly to when she finds out. Throughout the story, Eddie and Rose go on a real date and the two end up falling in love before Eddie goes off to war. When Eddie comes back from war, he has post traumatic stress disorder and needs someone to depend on. Rose is the only person that is there for Eddie to depend on. This musical touches on social issues such as Gender Equality and Post traumatic stress disorder.

Financé par Plano, TX (June 2016)