Project Fuzzy Friends

Simple. The mission is to give out as many fuzzy friends as we can, for free! Stuffed animals help kids tremendously and provide multiple benefits. Which is why our goal is to give out as many stuffed animals to those kids that need it most. I,e homeless shelters and hospitals. All right here in Los Angeles/South Bay.

There are thousands of awesome causes and charities around the world. But our goal with Project Fuzzy Friends, is to create an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to help others, specifically kids.

Research shows a stuffed animal is 1) a distraction from pain 2) provides feelings of safety and comfort, and 3) helps people control emotions.

I heard about awesomefoundation a while ago, and this motivated me to get something going. I think this is a great way to help and give back.

I would like to start the project by giving these stuffed animals away locally. (I just applied to the L.A chapter as well. But both LA and LA/South Bay are local to me.)

Financé par LA South Bay, CA (April 2016)