Books About Town

Our club is partnering with the Friends of the Homer Public Library to place small libraries throughout the community in public gathering places. Sites will include: coffee shops, teen centers, computer cafes, the hospital, child and adult advocacy center, behavioral health center, Haven House, REC Center, and ultimately some neighborhood yards. Books will be made available free of charge to whoever wants one and will include both fiction and non-fiction. Users will be encouraged to replace the books they take to keep the libraries full and functioning.

We have a grant of $1,055 from Rotary District 5010 that we must match in order to complete this project. We are asking for a one-time grant of $1,000 to help us meet this match. Grant money will be spent on materials to build these libraries and, in some cases on buying bookshelves of varying sizes, as well as the purchase of books for initial stocking.

After the initial installation, our club will continue to keep the libraries functioning as one of our ongoing community projects, with no need for soliciting additional funds.

Financé par Alaska (December 2015)