Birthday Angels Non Profit Organization

Birthday Angels is a non-profit organization founded in Toronto in 2014. The organization expanded into York Region later that same year. Our mission is to provide the joy of birthday celebrations to children living in homeless shelters.

We throw 1 birthday party each month at each of our partner shelters, inviting all shelter residents. We provide themed birthday party supplies: decorations, crafts & activities, cupcakes, snacks, party favours and a birthday cake. A special birthday gift is given to each child celebrating a birthday that month and loot bags are given to all of the other children currently at the shelter.

In York Region, we are currently partnered with Blue Door Shelters. Our goal is to bring the simple childhood joy of birthday celebrations to families in need, by providing a birthday party each month at Leeder Place Family Shelter, part of the Blue Door group of shelters, inviting all shelter residents each month. Families who live at the shelter come from all areas of the York Region community and stay only a few short weeks before they must move on to allow space for other families in need. It is our wish to expand our program in the future, to reach as many shelters as funding will allow.

Financé par Newmarket (October 2015)