Make Musik Sthlm

Music is a language that we all understand. The energy during Make Musik Sthlm is amazing and can bring people together and give a sense of belonging.

With 200 concerts performed by 1170 musicians and 12 000 in the audience Make Musik Sthlm take music and volunteering to new awesome levels.
Celebrating music and all those how loves music, Make Musik Sthlm is a non profit festival and free to the public. Open for everyone and all ages, it’s a great chance for musicians to reach out to as many as possible and an amazing opportunity for visitors to discover new music styles.

The grant from Awesome Foundation will go to public transport tickets to bring as many kids in to the city from the suburb.

Make Musik Sthlm takes place every year on the 6th of June in SoFo (the south side of Stockholm).

Financé par Stockholm (September 2015)

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