PAN magazine

PAN Magazine is a cultural biannual with a literary bent which includes the work of emerging and established writers. The whole production is pulled together on a shoestring budget, a driving passion for the arts and a whole lotta late nights. Emma Dallas tells the story of PAN Magazine to date,

“There are twenty of us working very hard to make this little arts magazine a success. We love magazines but rarely see the kind of content we would like to read. We don’t want to compete with established magazines that focus on ‘how to look good and conform’. We want to offer a magazine with some depth as well as interest, some arts as well as fiction, poetry and essays presented beautifully.

We’re on a mission to reintroduce thinking about our culture and specifically our arts in a broad and accessible way. As well as giving new writers and artists a platform to be heard in a way that does not commodify or belittle them.

There is so much going on here in Australia, in all our cities. We aim to show people just how good it can be when you engage with what’s being created around you.”

With a little help from the contents of a brown paper bag, the dedicated PAN crew were able to publish issue #2, which is now available for purchase at select shops across Australia and online.

Financé par Sydney (July 2011)