Wake up Miami!

What about starting your Mondays off with a little bit of live music?

PAXy, with the support of Miami-Dade County Departments of Transit and Cultural Affairs, will present a two-month series of ten (10) events called “Wake up Miami!” from October 5th to December 7th, 2015. “Wake up Miami!” will bring free live music to the Miami Government Center Metromover station Monday mornings starting at 8:30am. The programs will be from forty-five (45) to ninety (90) minutes in length and will feature classical, jazz, and world music presented by FIU School of Music students and other Miami-based performers.

The project will bring life and movement to public spaces in the city. It will also bring a completely new and fresh look and sound to MDT. The program will encourage the community to enjoy both the arts and public transportation, with the added value of music’s benefits on health.

Miami is growing fast; parking availability and traffic are now issues in high-density areas. Reducing parking needs and the number of people commuting in private cars is a necessity. This project will help increase the number and satisfaction of individuals using the Metrorail/ Metromover thus making Miami a better place to live, work and study.

ANYONE who uses the Metrorail/Metromover or who lives or works close to the station can have access to this program and benefit from it.

Omine, Matthew Sabatella, Sean Dibble, Aldo Salvent Trio, Felipe Carvajal, French Horn, Buffalo Brown, Glenga Fernandez-Vega, Shira.

We are attaching the project plan for more details.

Financé par Miami, FL (August 2015)