Tree Stump Carving

I am a teacher at Lansdowne school and I am applying for the grant to complete an" Awesome" tree carving at our school.

Last year due to branches falling, and a safety concern, we had to remove a huge oak tree from our property. At the time I thought that it would be awesome to carve the stump of the tree into an art piece, so I had the tree removal company leave the base of the tree. The stump is located within our school garden area, which currently houses a native plant garden, an outside learning area, and a vegetable garden to grow produce for our students to try. The carving would be a center piece to this outdoor learning area that would last for years to come.

As ideas have progressed, and I received quotes as to the cost, we quickly realized that it would be difficult to raise the funds needed to complete a project such as this. My class has run a few hot lunches at the school to fundraise for the project, but are still quite short of our monetary goal. A thousand dollar grant would possibly push us to our goal of $2000, enough to book a carver to come and complete the project this fall.

I have been in contact with a carver out of London who completed some of the work in Sarnia's Centennial Park. This is his Facebook page: He is currently travelling to represent Canada at the World Carving Championships. How awesome would it be to get world class carver to come do the project???

In summary, this project is awesome for many reasons: It is a legacy project for the school and the garden area we have been working to complete. Students and families in the community will be involved in the designing of the carving, and would be invited to the school to watch the carving take place. That is why you awesome people, should choose this awesome project for your grant this month.

Financé par Sarnia (June 2015)