MDC Wolfson Shark Pantry

As a homeless student i struggled with being able to attend college, work and be able to to afford simple necessities such as toilet paper, toothbrush, socks, and food. I realized there were many resources off campus but non on campus and as a homeless student I did not have transportation to the off site locations to receive help. I became the President of Acts of Kindness, an organization at MDC Wolfson Campus I brought the idea of a shark pantry to my team. We found out there were 42 students on campus who were homeless and many more who were low income. MDC is our second home so it did not make sense that a program like this did not exist for those students. Our Shark Pantry would provied all necessities a student would need.They would visit Single Stop and fill out an application to receive free government benefits and from there be able to go to the pantry and receive any necessities they needed free of charge. Our pantry would include food, all types of clothes especially for interviews,toiletries and bus passes.

Financé par Miami, FL (May 2015)