Art Attack

An Art Attack could happen at any time, any place, to anyone willing to participate. Trained artists supplied with easels, acrylic, brushes, and canvas will convene in a public space (park, etc.) where there is plenty of foot traffic (possibly during farmer's markets, festivals, weekends, etc) to engage the public in canvas painting activities. The artists will be on hand to offer one-on-one guidance and suggestions and answer questions of the person having the Art Attack. The purpose of this activity is to actively engage the "viewing" public so that they become the "creating" public and ignite their interest and appreciation of original art making.

The town of Wintergarden is building its community through the arts and is most likely to be receptive to Art Attack happenings. I plan on enlisting the local artists and members of the Winter Garden Art Association as the trained artists. Also, East Winter Garden, a lower socio-economic area of the town, is participating in a community redevelopment partnership that seeks to bring art opportunities to the area to identify community leaders in the arts who can continue and lead their community population. Art Attack happenings can align with organized community events to build art experience exposure to the area. Where people gather, art will be part of the conversation.

Art Attack Artists will wear Tshirts to identify themselves. Canvas sizes will vary to offer choices but no larger than 16x20. 11x14 will probably be most available. This grant activity hopes to engage adults of all ages and children with their parent's interaction.

Financé par Orlando, FL (May 2015)