Kingston Stilters!

It is an average Friday in June. You are hurrying along King St. on your lunch break trying to fit in a few errands. You turn onto Princess St., and look up to see flashes of yellow and green; an exceptionally tall magical creature is peeking out of the Chez Piggy alleyway. A second character appears, popping out from around the corner and a third ducks into a shop entrance across the street. You realize that these tall creatures are playing hide and seek. A crowd gathers on the sidewalk, amused and charmed by the troupe’s antics.

Imagine a band of stilt performers who pop up in public places, entertaining and delighting children and adults alike, bringing unexpected joy, magic, excitement and spectacle to all who survey. This is what Kingston’s new stilt theatre troupe will deliver to residents over the coming year.

During 2014, our two founders have been stilting here and there at Kingston community events. We have been enthralled by the public’s appreciation for the art form. Witnessing the power of stilt walking to captivate the public has prompted us to form a stilting troupe. We are currently planning three performances over the next six months: one at the Skeleton Park Music Festival and two pop-up productions in public places in late summer and early fall.

Financé par Kingston (April 2015)