Long Johns Condoms

On a scale of 1-10, how awkward and embarrassing is the condom purchasing experience? No need to answer (it was kinda rhetorical) because we already know that it's like, at least a 7 or 8 for most guys and gals.

But it shouldn't be! You're doing the right thing by being responsible and practicing safe sex, so why have the huge corporate condom manufacturers made it so awkward with their tacky packaging, ugly colours and crappy marketing campaigns?

WHAT IF there was a new brand that aims to smash down that wall of awkwardness by actually being a cool company with cool packaging and a cool donation scheme?

That's where Long Johns comes in...

Specifically aimed at young (but clearly responsible) men and women, Long Johns aims to be on the ball with current trends and open up the communication around safe sex and contraception use by injecting some style and humour into the mix.

Instead of ugly and wasteful single-use packaging, Long Johns will come in old school small square tins that can be reused (preferably) or recycled.

Long Johns will come in 4 varieties - Tom, Dick, Harry and Slim Jims.

Long Johns will feature in cool publications like The Smith Journal.

Long Johns will be stocked in locations where you would never previously consider condoms to be sold - we're talking cool fashion retailers, barbers, quirky retailers and even bars!

Long Johns will be involved in Indigenous health initiatives.

Long Johns will also donate a portion from each sale to Indigenous and Third World sexual health and family planning programs. After a whole bunch of research it was discovered that these remote communities already have access to free condoms, which is great, but what they REALLY need also is education about sex, sexual health and family planning.

There are existing providers and programs that are amazing at educating these topics but they are in dire need of funds to help continue and expand their work.

That's pretty much Long Johns in a nutshell!

Financé par Melbourne (April 2015)