URFREEWORLD is a project to build a platform that will provide employment opportunities to persons living with disability. The project aims at creating an online workplace specifically dedicated to providing virtual job opportunities to youth and people who are differently abled.

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to acquiring employment. The labour market is flooded by people looking for work all year round, yet there is not sufficient employment opportunities. For people living with disability there is a double challenge; they are at times discriminated against due to the stigma and negative stereotypes that rule out persons living with disability as not being able to work and perform the expected duties. They are therefore denied employment opportunities living them with no income and they have to depend on families and friends for survival. This leaves them hopeless and vulnerable to greater extents.

URFREEWOLRD will seek to provide online jobs such as; data entry, content writing, transcribing, SEO among other. The project will outsource services from major freelancing marketplaces all over the world and entrust them to people living with disability who will work on them and then get paid.

Financé par Nairobi (February 2015)