Norwalk Mentor Program

The Norwalk Mentor Program is one of the longest running and most acclaimed mentoring programs in the country. This school-based program matches a student in the Norwalk Public Schools (grades K-12) with an adult volunteer who can meet for one hour each week at school, during the school day. The program has more than 200 mentor/mentee matches in our 19 public schools!

The mission of the Norwalk Mentor Program is to encourage the social, academic and mental growth of Norwalk’s youth through a one-on-one mentoring relationship, where a caring adult serves as a role model to a student as he or she goes through a difficult period or faces new challenges.

Twice a year we organize events for the mentors and mentees to get together outside of the school setting. At the end of January, the Norwalk Mentor Program will invite all of its mentors and mentees to an evening of fun to celebrate National Mentoring Month. All mentors, mentees and mentees’ families are invited to attend as well as supporters, funders, local and state officials. This event is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to see each other outside of school, and for parents to meet the mentors. Over 400 people will be invited to celebrate and enjoy each other's company at a local children's museum.

Financé par Connecticut (January 2015)