Day Surgery Pillowcase Program

When a child comes into the Day Surgery Unit they pick out a pillowcase that is put on their pillow and it travels into surgery and recovery with them. At the end of the day it goes home with them.

This is an ongoing program.

It gives the nurses a talking point as soon as they walk into the child's room and helps the child relax a bit.

We hope to make a child’s stay with us a positive experience, as best under the circumstance.

So far the pillowcases have been donated by local Sarnia quilters and sewers. The response has been amazing! But the donations are slowing down as everyone's supplies are getting low. Many have gone out to purchase fabric on their own.

I am the liaison between the Day Surgery Unit and the quilters and sewers. I ensure the cases are washed and pressed, put into bags with information on the donation and the Pillowcase Program.

Financé par Sarnia (November 2014)