Bikeport Co-Op

The Bikeport Co-op is a community development bike program for Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bikeport replicates the “earn-a-bike” program model, where youth can earn bikes they wouldn’t be able to afford by attending bike safety and maintenance courses and performing volunteer hours with selected organizations. Bikeport works to break the cycle of poverty and violence in low income youth by teaching them about bikes, engaging youth on a personal level, providing structured after school activities, and giving youth the chance to earn and own a valuable possession while making a difference in their community.

Bikeport will also make Bridgeport a better biking community by improving the quality of biking experience in the City. Bikeport has worked with the City of Bridgeport Government to install bike racks if we are able to acquire them. Bikeport will work to enact safe biking measures in Bridgeport such as complete streets.

For the launch of our program, we are looking to hold a "Bike Month" in July, where we will invite we will hold bike promotion, safety, and maintenance events every day from July 5th to 26th, and give away bikes to Bridgeport students who participate in the month of events.

Financé par Connecticut (July 2014)