Untitled Sign Installations

I started putting up the signs a few years ago as an extension of my art practice, and as a maturation of the graffiti and "illegal" public art I grew up with. I wanted to put signs in places that I felt needed attention to be drawn to or where something should be said that wasn't. I rely on humor to get the point across and help make the message accessible, although there is usually a social or political message below. It's work that exists for a temporary time, however long it lasts, without having to be considered "art" and force that conversation. To use a quote from Lexi Lee Sullivan, assistant curator at the deCordova, describing the project, which she can do much better then I'm capable of - "Although seemingly playful and lighthearted, Pat Falco’s drawings and pithy texts evoke subtle yet provocative truths. The artist inscribes placards with witty declarations by hand, excluding visual embellishment, and places them as signposts on public ground. These works point to noticeable facts and obvious truths about the physical location of the signs while simultaneously satirizing both art world politics and larger social realities. These text-based pieces also signal the metaphorical location of Falco’s own work, which stands at the intersection of art and everyday life."

Financé par Boston, MA (April 2014)