STEM 4 R Gym

The overall goal of “STEM 4 R Gym” is to introduce Hickey Elementary to various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts and the physical sciences while learning core content in the fitness arena. The program will seamlessly connect both the physical sciences and physical education, while reinforcing concepts through kinesthetic learning.
The STEM 4 R Gym program will allow our students to use multiple senses to experience, comprehend and remember core concepts. Statistics show that 75% of children remember a concept when they experience it, rather than just hearing a lecture. STEM 4 R Gym allows the students to be physically involved with the learning process by utilizing human power to complete the tasks, all while keeping their heart rate elevated and working on muscular strength and endurance. The STEM 4 R Gym program will allow our students to maximize their senses for a full mind-body comprehension of STEM concepts.
The focused goal for K-2nd students is to build a foundation in vocabulary for STEM concepts. After completing the program, the students will be able to understand and identify the relationships between the various simple concepts. Since these concepts are tied to a tactile or physical activity (wheel and axle, levers, pulley), the students will be able to discover the concepts through their own body movements. Over time, they will develop their insight to begin investigating connections between energy and force.
The focused goal for 3rd -5th students is to allow the students to demonstrate their knowledge of force, load and energy through physical fitness concepts. They will then demonstrate that they are able to analyze and modify these core concepts to create cause and affect scenarios. While demonstrating their modified concepts, the students will also be working on their cardio and muscular endurance, which is part of our state mandated Fitnessgram.

Financé par Plano, TX (March 2014)